Tiramisù with cantucci with 7 cereals

Recipe by Maria Rosaria D’Amario

Ingredients for 7-8 people

  • 200 grams of cantucci to 7 cereals
  • 170 gr of mascarpone
  • 130 gr of cream
  • 60 grams of raw cane sugar
  • coffee q.b.
  • Bitter cocoa for garnishing

Preparation time
20 minutes + fridge time


Prepare a moka coffee pot of 4 demitasse and dilute it with the same quantity of water.

Whip the cold cream in one bowl and in another bowl mix the mascarpone with brown sugar; add the two ingredients gently and add a spoonful of vin cotto or marsala wine, if you like. In a baking dish or in small baking cups spread the wet cantuccini soaked with coffee on the bottom and cover with cream. Sprinkle with cocoa and refrigerate. Before serving add a cantuccino to garnish it.

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