Fragments of Pan Ducale

Recipe by Ilaria Prosperi


  • 200 gr of Panducale
  • 125 gr of sheep ricotta
  • 40 gr of sugar
  • 1 egg white
  • cinnamon q.b.
  • hazelnuts q.b.
  • lime a.b.
  • almonds
  • liquorice powder q.b.


Cut the Panducale into thin triangular slices and toast it in a pan. While waiting for it to cool, work the ricotta with sugar, cinnamon and finally with the egg whites until stiff.

Prepare the caramelized hazelnuts and mix almonds, licorice, cinnamon and lime in doses to your liking to obtain a desired grain powder.

A dessert as simple as it is versatile to customize according to your taste.

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