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Pan Ducale

Quality, innovation, research of authentic values, not as a fashion of the moment but as a lifestyle that has always been with us. Love for our work, respect for the land and for our territory. Our today brings with it the values ​​and recipes handed down from generation to generation.

The goal, at the base of our every choice, is to create products of the highest quality and to protect the consumer. The quality is sought and achieved through the selection and use of the best fresh raw materials and the craftsmanship of the product.

“The consumer is the point of arrival, the judge of all our actions, defending the consumer’s interest means protecting our work”.

Our products do not contain GMOs, additives, preservatives nor hydrogenated fats. Not a single gram of palm oil has entered our production, even when this ingredient was commercially unknown.

We have always produced genuine and healthy products

News & Recipes

``To the dough add so much love and desire``
Tiramisù with cantucci with 7 cereals
Whip the cold cream in one bowl and in another bowl mix the mascarpone with brown sugar; add the two ingredients gently and add a [...]
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Fragments of Pan Ducale
Cut the Panducale into thin triangular slices and toast it in a pan. While waiting for it to cool, work the ricotta with sugar, cinnamon [...]
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